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  • High precision in the prognosis of the calving time
  • Online body temperature monitoring
  • Suitable for using in free-stalls or on pasture
  • FDA (Food & Drug Adminsistration) compliant, tissue-friendly, and new design
  • User-friendly web interface and real-time notifications

Tsens System

Tsens is an intravaginal device used in cow husbandry. With 24/7 system monitoring the temperature and the health of the animals are documented totally.

The system uses artificial intelligence to detect the calving time. Based on this forecast, you will recieve a notification 24 hours before the calving. Another notification is sent during calving in order with squeezing of the amniotic sac.

In addition, Tsens sensors ensure permanent temperature monitoring of the animals. Thus, health disorders such as feverish diseases are detected early and treated in time.

How the Tsens System Works

The Tsens device is inserted to the animal ante partum (about 10 days before the calculated date of birth) intravaginally. Subsequently, a server (possibly a repeater) is mounted in the stable - or in the pasture. This allows the Tsens sensors to continuously record and analyze the physiological data of the animals. The captured information is then sent to the server in real time.

With the help of artificial intelligence and preprogrammed algorithms, the Tsens sensors pick up feverish illnesses and an impending birth notice from the animals.

Starter package includes 1 Server, 2 Repeater, 1 Climate Sensor and 8 Tsenses which is sufficent for up to 120 milking cows.
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